Pronto pelli

The long experience and knowledge of the tanning world allow the Company Pronto Pelli Ltd to give flexibility to the production process and quality as result of craftsmanship, ensuring authenticity and uniqueness of the product.

At the Co. Pronto Pelli Srlu, everything we do is inspired by our mission, values, and vision.

Our Mission is to renew the concept of tanning, intended as a specialized leather industry for the fashion trade in terms of content and style, always respecting the environment to meet the principles of sustainable development.

The Vision is to reach and meet the needs of a wider range of customers, always adapting our professionalism to the fashion market demands through dynamism and passion with the aim of providing customers with a wide range of products but also an attentive customer care service.

We have always been led by a strong spirit of a working team, enthusiasm and originality in order to anticipate new trends and contribute to the maintenance of the prestige acquired over time by the Company in the field of Tanning "Made in Italy".

“We do not try only to produce, We want to innovate the concept of tannery through the technology and the commitment to a work of quality by seeking the beauty in everything we do. We dress your ideas with our skin.”