FEATURES: The article looks as a natural skin with an uniform color. It is soft and slippery to the touch. The coat of the article Suede is very tight and short. It is quite similar to the nabuk leather but different for its brushed grain aspect.
DESCRIPTION: Nabuk full grain leather.
RAW MATERIALS: Middle Eastern goatskin.
SIZE: 5 - 6 sq ft.
THICKNESS: 0.4 mm - 0.7 mm.
COLORS: Art. Camoscio color card.
USE: Suitable for clothing and delicate uses but also for shoes, bags, and other accessories.
GUARANTEE: The product has been realized in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 4001:2004 standard, certifying the Company eco-compatibility based on the European “environmental management system” requirements.

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Note: The price is meant per leather, net and CIF SOLOFRA (Av). It can vary according to the sell agreements and order quantity. VAT cost and custom obligation are in charge of the customer.

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