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Italian Excellence Featured

Between history linked to the territory and innovation that looks forward  to the future; The Loyalty of the Made in Italy of our Company.

Made in Italy, brings to mind the knowhow recognized around the world by its creativity and quality.

Since 2009, Pronto Pelli Srl Industry stands out on the National and International fashion market,

supplying high quality leathers for clothing, garments and footwear industries.

The constant research of  new materials and colors gives life to unique leathers to respond to specific client needs.


“We do not try only to produce, We want to innovate the concept of tannery through the technology

and the commitment to a work of quality by seeking the beauty in everything we do. We dress your ideas with our skin.”

(Raffaele Ravallese)

Italian Excellence Register 2019


Pronto Pelli Leather for Fashion Addicted

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