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Pronto Pelli joins Confindustria Featured

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The General Confederation of the  Italian Industry, also known as Confindustria, is the main representative organization of the Italian manufacturing and service Companies.

An important choice for our Company was to give our support to this organization for our growth and our industrial development.

Joining Confindustria Avellino has been  an important choice for  pursue the objective of the corporate growth, an important step in order to keep activate industrial policies whose main goals are the production sustainability and to maintain the value of our business and our territory. An important step to be able to continue to activate industrial policies that have production sustainability as the main objective and keep the value of our business and our territory high.

Pronto Pelli is an integral part of the tanning district of Solofra which, with its history and tradition, represents an important industrial pole at national level for the tanning sector, consequently of leather fashion, and an industrial hub of excellence in the economic sphere and entrepreneurial of our Province.

Our goals are to invest in the Know-how and in the professionalism of the subjects who actively participate in the Company innovation and growth project.

Our desire is to change, build and identify the best opportunities to reach and satisfy the needs of an increasingly wider public.

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