Thursday, 01 March 2018 16:31



We often listen to :"young people are our future". Well there is no more truthful sentence. 

Giving new opportunities, new interests and new goals to young people, has always been one of the main purposes of our company. Thats the reason why, day after day, we commit ourselves to built a Young Company. As we said before, since the beginning, Pronto Pelli has always been a company which is particularly socially active, especially in the involvement of young people , but we want to discuss this in more detail.

Combined Study/work experience is the the method that allows our company to approach young people, in order to enhance Manual labour. Living a similar experience is certainly the most concrete way we have to make students approach the labour Market.

Our Porject of internship has been coordinated by Mr. Raffaele Ravallese, as known as the Owner of the Company who handled about the programme management with "G.Ronca" institute.Boys and Girls had the opportunity to visit our offices and departments, to learn the various stages of leather processing, sensitizing them to the various environmental problems and making them aware of the safety regulations at work.

Proud of our project, we will continue to carry forward the idea that, to quote a well-known journalist, "There is only one great fashion: youth." Giving space to new ideas helps us to grow.

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