Pronto Pelli

Pronto Pelli Co.Ltd is a young company whose experience is rooted in the history of the Solofra’s tanning industry, in the province of Avellino. The business, started in 1950 by Salvatore Ravallese Senior, thanks to whom the Company established itself in the Italian market. Over the years, his son Raffaele, the current Sole Director of the Company, has been working with success in this field.

Through the stylistic innovation, environmental policy, managerial and financial capacity, Pronto Pelli Co.Ltd has succeeded in the field of leather tanning in Italy. Currently, its goal is starting a business with the foreign markets to help maintain the Company prestige acquired over time.

For the Pronto Pelli Co.Ltd, the art of tanning becomes an innovation of tradition, whose complete cycle has always looked after every detail: from the procurement of selected raw material to an extensive and specialized production, that meets all the market needs, always respecting the environment.

Pursuing this goal, the Company has been granted for the use of the brand of "District of Solofra" environmental requirements by the Chamber of Commerce of Avellino, which attests to the adoption of more eco-friendly production methods, promoting a better management of environmental impacts arising from the activities of tanning assets.

Moreover, its management commits itself to improve an Environmental Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001/2004, certifying the conformity with the requirements and parameters required by the current legislation regarding the environmental management, as well as the good quality of the leather produced.

Commitment, creativity and professionalism have set the Pronto Pelli Co.Ltd apart from the other tanning companies of the area. Thanks to a constant technological innovation and to the ability to anticipate new fashion trends, applying his know how to the specific demand of each area of application (as shoes, leather goods and clothing industry), the Company has increased its field of operation.

From the tradition to the innovation, from the production to the design, Pronto Pelli Co. Ltd is your fashion in leather.